What are the differences between francophone schools and French immersion schools?

In francophone schools, French is taught as a first language. A high percentage of students attending francophone schools already speak French before they enrol, and documentation is sent to parents in French.

In immersion schools, students are taught French as a second language, and documentation is sent in English.

In immersion schools, French is considered an academic subject. In francophone schools, French is omnipresent in every aspect of school life, and is the cornerstone of identity building.

Attending a francophone school allows a child to identify as a francophone, as well as learn both oral and written English.

Do students learn English?

Students have a French language program of studies, and follow the exact same Alberta Education English Language Arts programcurriculum taught in every other school in the province.

Furthermore, living in an Anglophone setting will allow children to acquire English language skills outside of school.

My child has special needs. Will he be given equal opportunity?

A partnership with the Réseau provincial d’adaptation scolaire allows us to offer a complete range of services to all students with special needs.

Do you offer school transportation?

We offer free school transportation to all students who attend the school associated to their home address, and whose home or daycare is located no further than 1.2 km from the school.

If a parent chooses to send his child to a francophone school other than the school determined by his home address, the responsibility for the transportation is transferred to the parent.

Who can enroll in francophone schools?

Article 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees education access to English or French linguistic minority population of the province in which they reside if one of the following criteria is met:

  • French is the first language of and still spoken by at least one of the parents
  • One of the parents received a francophone education
  • One of the student’s siblings attended or is still attending francophone school

Furthermore, please note that in order for a child to attend Catholic school, one of the child’s parents must be able to demonstrate that he or she is Catholic.

How much are the fees to register in a francophone school?

All francophone schools are public, and as such, funded by the government of Alberta.

Why do you offer full time kindergarten?

The Conseil scolaire FrancoSud strongly believes that students strongly benefit from attending kindergarten full time.

Our kindergarten program includes learning outcomes in Social Studies, Health, Physical Education and Mathematics.

For more information on the Kindergarten curriculum in Alberta, please visit the Alberta Education Web site.

Do students have access to new technologies?

Preparing our students to the different technological requirements of the 21st century is one of our biggest priorities. An Educational Technology program was implemented within our schools to ensure students have access to numeric technologies and learn to use them confidently, wisely and safely.

Will my child receive support if he or she struggles with French?

Each student can be granted access to an ESL or francization program as needed.

The francization program enables students to acquire the language skills necessary to function in a francophone school. The program is offered in kindergarten and all other grades. This support is offered to students in order to develop maximum use of their French language skills.

Is the quality of a francophone education as good as an English education?

It most definitely is. All teachers in Alberta must meet the same requirements to obtain their certification, whether they teach in the English or francophone system.

Furthermore, students must accumulate the same amount of credits in order to graduate.

Do francophone school students pass the same tests as English schools students?

Yes, students must complete the same evaluations. However, francophone school students will be tested in French for all subjects, with the exception of English Language Arts tests.

Do students who attend francophone schools perform well?

On average, francophone school students receive equivalent or slightly superior results when compared with the provincial averages in most subjects.

Are all the exams in French?

Yes, with the exception of English Language Arts.

Do you offer extra-curricular activities?

Many different extra-curricular activities are offered in every one of our schools. Students also have the possibility to take part in field trips, or even trips abroad, in a cultural or humanitarian context.

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